1984 – Catalogue of an Exhibit of the Manuscripts of J.R.R.T. – Marquette University

Issued in June 1984 to attendees of The Road Goes Ever On conference at Marquette University in 1983. The exhibition was held on 12-23 September 1983.

Reproduces five extracts from The Lord of the Rings manuscripts:

1) A draft version of The West Gate of Moria – Upper cover.

2) Orthanc and Isengard – a sketch – see p.15.

3) Map of Anorien and Minas Tirith – a sketch map – see p.21.

4) Draft of the Ring-Inscription – in tengwar – see p.27.

5) The Lord of the Rings – Herumillion – a tengwar inscription – see p.27.

The catalogue also uses short quotes from the manuscripts as titles for each item.

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