1990 – Vinyar Tengwar 12 – Nole i Meneldilo: Lore of the Astronomer

Vinyar Tengwar 12 is the twelfth issue of Vinyar Tengwar, a journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, devoted to the scholarly study of the invented languages of J.R.R. Tolkien.

“Nólë i Meneldilo: Lore of the Astronomer” — Jorge Quiñónez and Ned Raggett.
The above article is previously unpublished primary material from the Tolkien archives. (Includes an extract from the papers at Marquette University that relates star names in The Silmarillion to ‘real world’ planets.)[1]
“Narqelion: A Translation by Paul Nolan Hyde” — synopsis by Jorge Quiñonez.
“‘The Fifth Battle’ — northeast quadrant” — Tom Loback.
(This article is a summary by Jorge Quiñónez of PNH’s article in Mythlore, Issue 60. It includes the text of the poem and an English translation.)
“Transitions in Translations” (column)[2] — edited by Arden R. Smith.

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