1992 – Mythlore. Vol.21, No.2. Whole No.80 – Proceedings of the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference, Keble College, Oxford, 1992 – Paperback

ISSN 0146-9339. ISBN 1887726047

Dragon cover design by Marian Haas.

New or uncommon material includes:

At the Wordface: Tolkien’s Work on the OED by Peter M. Gulliver reproduces a number of Tolkien’s manuscript notes in facsimile, quoting from them and others.
The Growth of Grammar in the Elven Tongues by Christopher Gilson and Patrick Wynne includes the chart of declensions of Quenya nouns sent by Tolkien to Richard Plotz in 1966/7 – The Plotz Declension.
A Mythology for England by Carl Hostetter and Arden Smith includes variant citations from the Qenya Lexicon and the Gnomish Lexicon – taken from correspondence with Christopher Tolkien.
Tolkien’s Exceptional Visit to Holland: A Reconstruction by René van Rossenberg reproduces an inscribed copy of FotR and part of a letter to Cees Ouboter in addition to several quotes attributed to Tolkien.

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