1999 – Lord of the Rings – Omnibus – One-volume Edition – Book Club Edition – Hardcover – SFBC

The US Tolkien Guide states that there is a 1993 trade hardcover version of this cover art from Houghton Mifflin and there are Amazon and ABE books entries to support that, but I have personally never seen a copy.  When you contact sellers on Amazon or ABE to send pictures of their “1993 Houghton Mifflin” version of this book it is always the 1999 Book Club version.  Somehow, somewhere the internet seems to have decided that the 1993 version exists, but it is either not true or extremely scarce to the point of essentially not existing.

  • ISBN: 0739408259
  • Publisher: Science Fiction Book Club

This book is identical to the 2001 Donato Giancola art cover SFBC edition except for the cover art.  The two editions share an ISBN.